How Is Water Pressure Controlled During Hydro-Excavation?

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Hydro-excavation is an advanced excavation method that uses pressurized water to break down and to move the soil in a controlled manner and strong vacuum to extract the resulting slurry.

The hydrovac daylighting Denver area process is suitable for revealing buried utility lines without damaging them, for digging out very narrow trenches, foundations as well as to move the soil on larger areas, such landscapes that need a new layer of fertile soil on the surface, which also means that the pressure of the water applied onto the soil needs to be controlled depending on the task.

The water pressure is controlled from the cabin of the hydrovac machine. The operator of the hydrovac machine has multiple setting options to determine various features and parameters of the excavation process, including the water pressure and the strength of the vacuum used. The water pressure used by the hydrovac machine is also controlled with the help of accessories – the hoses through which the water is delivered come in various diameter sizes, each being suitable for specific tasks. The nozzle is also an accessory that can be used to adjust the water pressure to the task on hand and that will be chosen depending on the task as well as the soil type.