How Is Safety Maintained While Hydro-Excavating Around Buried Utilities?

safety first hydrovac services pipeline trenches digging

Hydro-excavation technologies for pipeline services Denver companies utilize have been developed not only to make excavation more efficient, but also to ensure the safety of the process, an aspect of special importance in areas with uncharted, buried underground utility lines and pipes. Here is how safety is maintained while using hydrovac machines on terrain that poses risks because of the unknown underground utility systems:

  • The technology itself is safe – hydro-excavation is a minimally invasive technology that uses pressurized water to move the soil and vacuum to extract the soil-water mixture. The process is safe to use around tree roots that need protection from being cut into as well as around utility lines that are hidden underground and would pose the risk of explosions or of other accidents with other excavation techniques;
  • Proper nozzle selection a power settings – hydrovac machines come with a set of nozzles through which the process is performed and the water pressure can also be adjusted to be appropriate for the process. As a general rule, the smallest suitable nozzle and the lowest suitable pressure setting is used;
  • Safe usage of the machine – the nozzle is always at a minimum distance of 8” from the soil or from the utility, it is never introduced into the soil and never pointed at humans or animals.