How Hydrovac Saves You a Lot of Money in Potholing Costs
Safety Eliminate Risk Hydrovac Services

Potholing is the practice of using hydro excavation technology to locate with precision and expose subsurface pipelines, cables and other utilities. It is a safer and more effective technology than traditional excavation because of the high-pressure water and high velocity vacuum power it is based on.

Excavators frequently have to guess the exact location of subsurface utilities and pipelines, but sometimes they guess wrong, harming the surrounding ecosystem and the infrastructure.

Potholing is not only secure and effective, but it also permits great accuracy. Operators can precisely drill holes of any size and shape by using a variety of nozzles and high-pressure water. Additionally, despite the ease with which the earth is removed by the high-pressure water, no subsurface infrastructure is harmed. It is safely and gradually exposed during the potholing operation, making it accessible for further projects involving check-ups, repairs or replacements.

The expense of repairing damage from conventional excavation can be very high. In addition, damage results in extended downtime, decreased output, and higher insurance costs. Potholing and Hydrovac services Calgary offers enable a speedier and safer process, with reduced risks to the workers, the infrastructure and the environment. This will translate into cost efficiency, so hydrovac services can save you money in potholing costs.