How Hydrovac is Non-Destructive

non destructive water excavation

Hydro excavation, also called hydrovac, is currently the only non-invasive digging technology that is perfectly safe for carrying out trenching, moving earth over larger surfaces as well as for revealing hidden underground utilities that might be dangerous if dug into with other methods. Here is how the water excavation process works:

  • Using the power of pressure, water and vacuum – hydrovac machines do not use mechanical tools for digging into the soil. They use pressurized water that is pulverized onto the surface to loosen and to break down the soil. The combination of soil and water results in a slurry that is extracted with the help of a vacuum hose that performs the sucking parallel to the water pulverization process. The hose extracts the material and transports it to a special container for depositing and disposal;
  • Safety – the hydrovac process involves no mechanical breaking, no heat, flame or sparkles, therefore it eliminates the risk of any explosions or accidents that other excavation methods involve. The process is safe for the environment as well – there is no contaminated waste left behind, the collected debris being suitable for being spread again in areas around the excavation area or for being taken away and safely deposited somewhere else.