How Hydrovac Can Help The Petroleum Industry

Hydrovac Services Are The Best

Hydrovac excavation is a technology that uses high-pressure water and vacuum to excavate soil. It is widely used for daylighting underground utilities, but also in constructions and petroleum industry.

Maintaining oil and gas pipelines is extremely important because any mishap can bring destruction and huge money loss. Hydro excavation comes as the safest solution to expose underlying pipelines to daylight and make the necessary repairs.

It is a non-destructive digging option, also very accurate, with various applications in the petroleum industry, besides maintenance and repairing faulty pipelines.

Hydrovac trucks are used in laying new underground pipelines, by exposing the existent ones. They make precise potholing and slot trenching for the new gas and oil units, without affecting those that are already there. Hydroac trucks are also designed to clean the pits and trenches they dig and store the waste in a special container; this way, the jobsite remains clean and accessible, and new pipes can be laid perfectly.

Dallas hydrovac services are timesaving. With traditional digging methods, it can take days to accomplish a task, while by using a hydrovac truck, it can be finished in only a few hours.  This aspect also makes this method more cost efficient.