How Hydroexcavation Is Helping the Climate Crisis

Hydro Excavation Services Helping Construction Progress

The climate crisis, especially the shortage of fresh water and rising temperatures, are a growing concern for any of us and the mitigation of the crisis is the responsibility of each of us, especially of the companies in energy-intensive industries, such as areas of pipeline services construction and new construction. Hydroexcavation is one of the best examples of environment-friendly construction technologies – here is why:

  • The process is very quick and it efficiently shortens the entire construction process, reducing the disruption caused by the building work;
  • The method does use water – hydrovac equipment breaks down the soil in the area where the excavation takes place with the help of pulverized water –, but the quantity needed for the process is very small;
  • The process of hydrovac is safe for the plants and the animals in the excavated area – environmental regulations determine the distance between the excavation and the roots of the surrounding trees and bushes;
  • Hydrovac offers a safe way to dig holes with the purpose of revealing hidden utilities – the method makes it possible to create holes without damaging buried utilities, thus using hydrovac significantly diminishes the risk of accidents and of contaminants reaching into the soil and into the fresh water system.