How Hydro Excavation Changed the Face of Modern Excavation Practices

modern water excavation services

Hydro excavation is a technology consisting in using high pressure water to dig out soil and other earth debris and suck up the slur into a disposal tank. It can be used to dig out an area for various purposes. It is very safe and non-destructive, eliminating the risk of damaging underground utilities and keeping the work site free of debris.

Dish technology dates back to the 60s but at that time the equipment was much simpler. Larger vacuum drugs beyond only in the 70s and 80s while the 90s witnessed technological improvements. Following the demand for change in the excavation industry, hydro excavation became more and more commonly used and there is a rising demand for these water excavation Denver services.

Hydro excavation changed the face of modern excavation practices making the entire process much cleaner, more accurate, faster and safer. Although it is more expensive, hydro excavation is cost effective because the project will be done faster, much more precisely and with significantly reduced risks. Besides, pollution of the surrounding areas is minimized by the fast debris removal. The method itself is also non-destructive to the natural landscape, and the top earth layer will be restored very quickly, after the excavation project is done.