How Hydro Excavation Can be Used to Protect Trees and Plant Life
daylighting saves trees new tecnhology excavation

Hydrovac services are the preferred excavation method for many, if not most construction projects. This is so because of  its efficiency, and for the safety it provides for the entire construction site as well as for the people and the objects around. The daylighting services Denver companies offer is also the best and safest excavation method to use in the presence of large trees and other plants that need to be protected. Here is how this groundbreaking method prevents damage to plant life:

  • Soil moved in a gentle and very efficient way – the hydro excavation process involves breaking down the soil with the help of pulverized water and the process of extracting the resulting matter with the help of a strong vacuum. The vacuum extracts the slurry and deposits it in a special tank, away from the job site. This means that vacuum excavation involves no mechanical digging that would hurt fragile and sensitive tree roots, thus ensuring that the plants in the excavation area are kept safe and healthy.
  • Easier and safer removal for trees and large shrubs – hydro excavation can be used to remove the soil in a gentle way, with the purpose of digging out trees or shrubs to relocate them. The fact that the method adds only water to the soil ensures that no part of the plants targeted is hurt.