How Has The Hydrovac Industry Grown?

Hydrovac Truck Excavation Done Right

Hydrovac trucks have become very popular mostly over the past few decades. Prior to that, constructors relied exclusively on manual digging methods and backhoes.

The hydrovac industry has grown so much and so rapidly due to the increased ability to prevent utility damage and improve job site safety. When an underground utility is struck by mechanical excavation, the consequences can range from inconveniences to disasters (power/ service outage, damaged property, gas explosions etc.). Luckily, hydro excavation is non-mechanic, therefore non-destructive. It uses pressurized water (hot water, if the soil is frozen), it breaks up any type of soil with ease and it can be used to perform very precise digging projects, such as potholing or daylighting. A hydrovac truck Denver area is also equipped with a suction device, which collects the debris resulted from digging into a special tank.

Hydrovac technology is very versatile and can be optimized for most applications, in most conditions. Nowadays, there is a variety of vacuum excavators, in different sizes: small trailer-mounted unit, larger chassis-mounted units and even vacuum excavation units mounted to tracked crawler carriers, for better access in difficult areas.

The hydrovac industry has also grown steadily in the US due to the surge in infrastructure upgrades, telecom expansions and new pipeline build-outs.