How Fast Is a Hydrovac Truck When Dealing with Potholing
Hydrodig working in rural neighborhood 2

Potholing is an excavation process consisting of locating pipelines or buried utilities and exposing them to daylight, so that specialists can perform repairs. In the past, such an operation used to be made using traditional means (shovels, backhoes), but nowadays, it is performed much more safely, using hydrovac trucks.

How is potholing done using a hydrovac truck?

The utility’s location can be verified by digging test holes along the line. A hydrovac truck uses high-pressure water to dig, as well as a vacuum technology to remove the soil, keeping the work site clean and ensuring easy access. This technology is very precise, not to mention safe for the buried utilities. There is no need to worry anymore that a power line or gas pipe may be damaged, causing a disaster in the area. Potholing with a hydrovac truck Denver area is safe and makes it easy to reach even those difficult areas.

It is also quicker than traditional digging, because everything is automated, so there is no more waste of time and energy.

The key to get your potholing project done efficiently and in a timely manner is to contact a hydrovac excavation service, which has the necessary skills, knowledge and technology to make it happen.