How Does Hydro Excavation Work

know how excavation works hydro technologyHydro excavation is a technique that becomes more popular by the day, due to its significant advantages: it is safe for the workers, the underground utilities and the environment, as well as very efficient.

Unlike traditional excavation, hydro excavation is nondestructive, very precise and keeps the work site clean of debris, which ensures more convenience and better safety.

A hydro excavator is a large industrial truck with incorporated technology based on pressurized water and vacuum. It can break any type of soil, including frozen soil and can dig up through permafrost as well, because the water can be heated. The vacuum is used for sucking up debris and transferring it to the truck, until being disposed at the designated area.

The water hose and vacuum work together to dig precise holes, trenches, uncover underground utilities etc. It is a fast and reliable method, as well as elegant, at least compared to the highly invasive traditional digging solutions.

It is more expensive than traditional digging, but considering all the advantages it provides, hydro excavation reduces significantly time and labor costs, not to mention that it minimizes accidents on the job site, which otherwise would generate downtime and financial losses.  Look locally for more information