How Does Hydro Excavation Work?
How Water Excavation Works

Unlike most conventional methods, water excavation Denver offers is far more efficient, safe and reliable. The process, when considering simply what happens and what the result is, can be explained in just a few words. Hydro excavation is essentially a method for soil removal that uses high pressure water to dislodge the soil and remove it. The result is a dirt slurry that will then be vacuumed away quickly to show the deeper layers of the soil below.

The technique is essentially a combination of using high pressure water and vacuum, but unlike in the case of vacuum excavation trucks, a hydrovac truck uses solely high pressure water for the purpose of excavating. Moreover, the water temperature can also be raised to blast through cold and frozen soil that would take a very long time to dig through using regular mechanical tools and shovels.

The hydrovac truck essentially carries all the hardware along, and can be operated entirely at the work site. A high powered pump produces the pressure required to use water for blasting away dirt, and the vacuum is operational at the same time to remove the slurry.

Hydrovac systems can be used for a wide variety of applications. Some of them include daylighting, the locating of underground utilities, as well as pole, sign and line installation, sewer inspections and trenching.