How Does Hydro Excavation Minimize Disruption on A Job Site Compared to Traditional Digging Methods?

excavation choose hydrodig services insteadHydro excavation, also called simply hydrovac, is currently the fastest and safest excavation method, also preferred for its ability to reduce disruption to the minimum on the job site. Unlike other excavation methods, hydro excavation ensures maximum efficiency without causing any mechanical damage – here is how it works:

  • The procedure – hydrovac machines use pressurized water to move the soil in the excavation site and vacuum to extract the resulting slurry and to deposit it in a special container. It usually takes one operator to handle the entire process;
  • The benefits – beside efficiency, the process of hydro excavation also ensures site cleanliness and safety. The hydrovac machine extracts any slurry, leaving the job site clean and ready for the next project phase. The machine can also be equipped with long hoses, making them suitable for excavating in areas that would be inaccessible with other digging methods. Another benefit of the technology is safety and suitability for excavating in areas where there might be hidden utility pipes and would be otherwise dangerous to dig in, therefore hydrovac is used for digging out large foundations and narrow trenches as well as for revealing underground utilities in an efficient and safe manner.

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