How Does a Hydrovac Truck Work?

how hydrovac does utility digging servicesHydrovac excavation is currently the most efficient and most environment-friendly excavation method, suitable for digging narrow, deep trenches and utility digging as well as for moving earth on large areas and the method is also very energy- and time-efficient. Hydrovac is also considered to be the safest digging method currently available, suitable for excavating in areas that might have unmapped utility lines under the surface and might be risky and dangerous to dig with conventional excavators. Here is how it works:

  • The principle – hydrovac excavation uses pressurized water to move and to break down the soil in the excavation area and powerful vacuum to extract the resulting slurry and to transport it to a large container for depositing. The extracted material is then either redistributed over the land surrounding the extraction area or removed from premises to be safely dumped elsewhere;
  • The equipment – the hydrovac procedure is performed with a special truck that has a part for generating the pressurized water, another one for generating the vacuum and that includes a special container that the vacuum hose is connected to for depositing the slurry;
  • Performance – hydrovac machines significantly shorten the excavation time, being able to perform digging that would take days in a matter of hours.