How Does a Hydrovac Truck Hold Up Against Traditional Excavation Services?
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Hydro vac trucks and traditional excavators are both high-capacity machines used for the purpose of digging out holes in the ground, but the scope of usage is about the only thing that the two have in common. A Hydrovac truck is indeed very special and it approaches the digging process from a completely different perspective. Here are somethings to know about these trucks:

  • an extremely efficient, but minimally invasive procedure – hydrovac trucks deliver pressurized water to break and move the soil and they also use vacuum to remove the resulting wet debris and to transport it to a separate container for depositing. Hydrovac trucks are able to dig out even the largest holes in a time that is much shorter than the time needed by conventional excavators and they are also perfectly safe to use in areas where there might be unknown, unmapped utility lines and pipes buried underground;
  • suitability for special conditions – hydrovac trucks can be equipped with very long arms, special hoses and special nozzles that make these machines suitable for digging very thin very deep trenches for potholing and daylighting as well as for digging out holes in areas where the truck itself cannot go because the space available or the terrain forbids it.