How Does a Hydrodig Truck Remove Soil Cover?

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Hydrodig trucks are special machines used for safe and efficient excavation to reveal buried utilities, to create trenches and holes of various sizes as well as to remove the soil cover over a larger area for landscaping or other purposes. Here are some important things to know about the trucks and the process of moving the soil cover:

  • The major components of a hydrovac truck – hydro-excavation machines are equipped with a tank from which the machine applies pressurized water, a power source that generates vacuum and a tank into which waste is extracted;
  • The hydrovac process – hydrovac trucks apply pressurized water onto the surface of the ground to break the soil and it uses the powerful of vacuum generated to remove the soil-water mixture from the excavation site. The slurry removed is transferred to a large container for depositing for the duration of the excavation, then the container is transported to a dump site for safe waste collection. The use of water and vacuum ensures that the hydrovac assembly performs the process of moving the top layer of the soil very safely, without harming the vegetation in the work area and without accidentally digging into buries underground utilities.  For hydrovac services look to