How Difficult Is Learning How to Manage a Hydro Excavation Project?
Things To Avoid Hydrovac Truck Operation Digging Made Easy

Hydro excavation is a modern, minimally invasive, safe and secure process used to excavate in areas that are difficult or impossible to dig using other methods or used in areas where there are or there might be hidden utility lines that need to be protected during the digging process. The technology uses special, high-capacity trucks that deliver pressurized water to break the soil and vacuum to extract the slurry generated to a separate container.

The process of hydro excavation includes several phases and tasks, from the selection of the right hydrovac truck and the right accessories, such as the hoses and the nozzles, selected based on the features of the digging project and decisions related to the disposal of the wastewater generated during the digging. The managers in charge of hydro excavation process need in-depth knowledge of all the phases involved – they should be familiar with the capacities of the trucks they are in charge of as well as with the way the trucks are operated; they need outstanding organizing and problem-solving skills and they also need to be knowledgeable about the waste recycling and disposal solutions available. The managers who want to learn more about the technical aspects of the process and who are interested in learning how to operate the special trucks can do so attending specialized courses. Professional hydrovac companies at get the job done right.