How Deep Can You Typically Hydrovac?
digging pipe laying underground hydrodig excavation

The average depth to which hydrovac machines can dig down is in the 20-30 feet range, but the most modern, most powerful machines can efficiently dig down to the depth of around of 60 feet, depending on the type and consistency of the soil into which the machine will need to dig. Hydrovac trucks of Hydrodig of Denver also produce impressive results in terms of digging from a distance – the largest machines can use long arms and hoses that allow for precision digging with the machine standing at a maximum of around 600 feet from the digging area.

The depth of the digging and the capability to excavate from a distance are not the only benefits of using hydro excavation. The technique uses water pulverized at high pressure to break down and move the soil and powerful vacuum to extract the resulting slurry. The method uses lots of power, but it is non-invasive, therefore safe to use even in areas where there might be hidden underground utilities, such live cables or gas pipes. The method is also suitable for precision digging, allowing for the creation of trenches that are both deep and narrow as well as for holes that are large, but need to have very precisely cut walls.