How Deep Can a Vacuum Truck Work?
How it works hydrodig Truck Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum trucks are special vehicles equipped with a water tank, a powerful vacuum generator and hoses of various lengths with nozzles of various diameters and used for moving soil among special circumstances. The most common examples of usage are the excavation of foundations for buildings and moving soil for landscaping purposes, but hydrovac is also a digging technique frequently used for daylighting (the process of revealing hidden underground utilities) and for creating very narrow and very deep trenches and for excavations in areas that cannot be directly accessed by large trucks. Many hydrovac trucks can also heat water, making digging possible on frozen soil and in very low temperatures.

One of the features that make vacuum trucks so efficient and hydrovac a method that is so popular these days is the capability of excavating holes and trenches that are not only very thin, but that are also very deep. Hydrovac machines can dig down to the depth of around 20-30 feet, but the most powerful trucks can go down to around 60 feet, making precision digging possible in areas where no other method can achieve the desired results. Another important feature of the technology is efficiency – hydrovac trucks take only a few hours to complete digging work that would take days complete with manual digging. Depending on your need for a vacuum truck, it’s best to let the professionals at do the job.