How Are Site Clearing and Excavation Activities Related?

construction site excavation truck ready to start

Site clearing is among the first processes in any construction, the process during which the land is prepared for the next construction phases. Site clearing usually involves the removal from the construction site of any unnecessary object as well as the clearing away of the vegetation, including any trees, shrubs and bushes, of the debris found in the soil and of any unnecessary structures, such as fences nowadays by a hydrovac truck Denver excavation business runs. The process also involves the levelling of the soil and other measures required to prepare the site for the building process.

Whatever the type and size of the building to be erected, the process usually involves extensive digging as well. In some cases, the surface layer of the soil needs to be removed to a certain depth, followed by the digging of the hole that will be used for safely fastening the building to the ground. Both processes are handled by excavation specialists, with the help of various machines suitable for excavation work. Most constructions also require specialized digging to create very narrow or very deep trenches for testing the soil to find hidden, unused utility popes and lines as well as for the installation of various utilities, both tasks being handled during or right after the site clearing phase.