How Are Hydrodig Trucks Able to Get Around Congested Plant Sites?

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Hydrodig trucks are special vehicles fitted with special equipment to perform the excavation needed. Used for digging trenches and holes that are small and need very high precision, hydrovac machines can reach into any place and deliver the same performance in terms of both efficiency and precision– here is how the technology allows for navigating congested spaces so easily:

  • Trucks of various sizes – not all hydrovac trucks are of the same size, some of them are huge and very heavy, others are compact, lightweight and four-wheel driven. While the larger units are mainly used for excavating in open spaces or for moving layers of soil over a larger area, the smaller, lighter units are suitable for performing excavation in narrow spaces. 4 x 4 units are the best choice for difficult terrain where navigation can be an issue for bulkier vehicles;
  • Pump extensions – most hydrovac trucks come with pump extensions of various sizes, the longest extensions used being around 100 meters. This means that if the terrain on which you need to excavate allows, you can use a very large truck and use the extension to reach the area where you need to dig. Using the extension also ensures that the precision of the excavation process is not compromised either.  Acquire hydrovac services from