How Adding Hydrovac Into Your Construction Plans Can Help

construction pipeline services are beneficialHydro-excavation involves moving/ removing soil using pressurized water. It has great efficiency and an accurate, non-destructive way of digging. It has many applications:

  • slot trenching
  • underground utilities for construction
  • pole or line installation and location
  • potholing/daylighting
  • digging test holes to determine the location of underground utilities, or to expose them
  • digging in frozen weather
  • remote digging

Adding hydrovac into your construction plans and pipeline services can be very beneficial, in many ways. First, the risks associated with excavations are considerably lessened. Damaging underground utilities is completely improbable, which also eliminates the risks of additional costs and/ or downtime. Also, it will allow less traffic and congestion on the construction site, considering that the equipment can be placed at a distance. Hydro excavation is not messy, like traditional excavations used to be, and it does not disturb the surrounding soil. Besides, the work is performed considerably faster, so using hydrovac equipment for your construction project will definitely have a positive impact on the productivity.

Finally yet importantly, hydro excavation is not only about damage control, but also about safety control, because it considerably reduces work accidents and injuries that laborers used to be exposed to while using traditional digging methods.

For all these reasons, hydro excavation is nowadays the preferred method of digging.