Getting More Bang For Your Buck With Hydro Excavation

More For Your Buck

Hydro excavation represents a modern and non-destructive excavation method. It uses high pressure water to break up even the most difficult soils; excess is then removed with the high volume vacuum system, without causing any damage or mess around the work site.

This technique is widely accepted as the safest method of locating and/ or exposing underground utilities, such as power cables, telecommunication lines, traffic and street lights, fiber optics, gas pipelines etc., for installation or repairs. Localization services have also improved and go hand in hand with modern and safe excavation options, for more efficiency and less risks of damaging underground utilities.

Hydro excavation is also identified as the most cost-effective and economical method, in terms of time and costs, among all the other excavation methods used in maintenance services specific to modern urbanism. Additionally, the hydro excavation process has a unique property that allows for very narrow and deep excavations; for example, a trench of 2 m depth and 90 mm wide is easy to do using a hydro excavator. The soil removal process is very fast and 4 to 5 times more economical than conventional digging.  The Colorado daylighting industry has increased over the last few years and hydro excavation is very much needed.

Due to its many advantages, hydro excavation is expected to become more and more popular in the construction industry and it has big potential for archeology too.