Does Hyrdovac Affect Wildlife?

Hydrovac Truck Excavation Is Safe For Wildlife

Hydrovac is among the most modern and most efficient excavation methods used today and it is something else, too: a non-invasive technique that is efficient without harming the environment, without disturbing the wildlife in the excavation area and without hurting plants.

The hydrovac process uses the power of pulverized water to break down and to move the soil in the desired area and the power of vacuum to remove the generated slurry and to extract it into special containers. The process has been invented to excavate safely in areas where there might be hidden, uncharted utilities under the surface of the soil as well as to excavate in a manner that does not hurt the tree roots in the area. Beside the extraordinary efficiency and safety offered by a hydrovac truck, the technology offers the great benefit of being safe for everyone and everything around, for humans, plants as well as for wildlife. The hydrovac process affects the local wildlife in only one way: powerful hydrovac machines do generate noise, which might frighten animals, but the process is very efficient, which also means that even extensive excavation work can be completed in a very short time, so the disturbance that the local wildlife will have to endure is not long-lasting.