Do You Still Need to Call 811 If You Hire a Hydro Excavation Company?
daylighting digging hydro excavation

A lot of people wonder if special permissions are needed in order to use a hydro excavation company. And that’s because, unlike classical ways of excavating, excavating with water isn’t as messy or as bothersome for others. But even so, people should still make the call to 811 in order to let them know about their project and get their approval for it. That’s because digging can be really dangerous, even if you are using state of the art daylighting Denver services equipment and technologies.

People need to understand that calling 811 when using a hydro excavation company isn’t only for their own good. The main idea behind this help line is to help the ones that are actually making the dig to stay safe and also to protect the environment. That’s because digging can lead to a series of problems. For instance, water or power mains can be affected or one can end up digging their way straight into underground utilities. Repairs to those utilities can be quite expensive, not to mention that such a problem can affect a lot of people and even harm those involved in the actual digging. So even if you are using water to dig, make sure that you take the necessary precautions.