Do Trees Need to Be Cut Down for Hydro Excavation?

Is Hydro Excavation Safe For Trees

Businesses and city officials often stress the importance of keeping trees intact even when we have to dig large holes in the ground and use heavy excavation equipment that can severely damage the tree’s fragile root system. Fortunately, there are ways to dig that won’t cause as much damage, and can keep your trees healthy. The best one is to use vacuum excavation services in Colorado and other states.


With a regular excavator, you can get the job done, but much of what you dig out – including soil, tree roots and just about anything else you can find buried underground – will literally be uprooted, and its damage irreparable. Hydro excavation gives us another way to do things.


With the help of hydro excavation, especially when it comes to using a Hydrovac service, you can make sure that your tree roots stay intact and your tree won’t have to be cut down. This is because hydro excavation uses water under pressure to get all the soil softened and removed, which means tree roots can easily survive as long as they are strong enough.


Usually, even if they are not, chances are that the tree is small enough to be relocated, and its roots have not yet spread too far. So, one way or the other, hydro excavation is the best choice you can make for keeping your trees intact.