Do Modern Hydro Excavation Methods Preserve Tree Roots Better?
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One of the biggest problems with conventional excavators is that they can damage the roots of plants and trees and literally uproot the precious habitat of many plants and animals. When you need to dig in your yard but you don’t want to harm the landscape, it’s essential to consider alternative excavation methods that can be used to preserve tree roots as effectively as possible.

Some trees are still young, and they don’t have a very large root system. In other cases, however, the roots of the older trees in your yard can extend for a significant distance, and digging in those areas may end up damaging the root system and causing your trees to become frail and sick. To prevent that, modern day hydrovac services Calgary offers use a hydrovac truck.

Hydro excavation has been around for a while, but not many people know just how useful it can be. When it comes to digging around tree roots, it’s the optimal solution, since it can direct the force of how water precisely on areas that need to be addressed, without harming roots.

If you just need to dig around a small area, and you’re worried that traditional digging methods could damage tree roots and underground utility lines, Hydrovac is an excellent workaround. It will effectively prevent the damage, act as a great way to address hardened soil, and speed up the excavation process to a great extent as well.