Do Excavation and Groundwork Contractors Perform Different Activities?

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In construction, excavation is a task that is undertaken either by groundwork contractors as part of their service range or by specialized contractors that provide only water excavation Denver services. Here are some more details about the activities of excavation and groundwork contractors:

  • What groundwork contractors do – beside excavation, groundwork contractors also perform ground investigation to identify past land usage and potential problems that might influence the construction process, site clearance to demolish any unneeded building and to prepare the construction site as well as landscaping work;
  • What excavation contractors do – these contractors dig, move and grade soil for various purposes and using various machines. They are the contractors to hire if you need trenches to be dug out, including special, narrow or deep trenches and holes for the installation of utilities, if you need grading to build a driveway or if you need to move large amounts soil for landscaping purposes. While for groundwork contractors, excavation is just one of the many services they provide, excavation contractors are the ones to turn to if you need excavation performed for special purposes, such as hydroexcavation used for revealing underground utilities or for gently removing a soil layer of specific thickness to protect the roots of old trees and other ground features.