Digging Around a Damaged Foundation – The Benefits of Hydrovac
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You can dig right next to your foundation without endangering its integrity as long as it is structurally sound. But when it comes to a damaged foundation, things get much more complicated. Besides doing more damage by excavating around it, there is also the risk of trench collapse and the accidental severance of utility lines or pipes.

Your foundation may need to be repaired if you notice that your floors do not seem to be level, the walls are cracking, or your doors won’t close properly. The ground beneath a foundation might change, causing it to be uneven or to crumble. Your foundation may get damaged if the soil shifts, and your home will face structural changes.

These issues need to be addressed quickly and digging by the foundation will probably be necessary, but the project will involve more than just removing dirt.

The best solution is to use hydrovac services for all your utility digging Denver area needs.

Your foundation walls can be repaired by hydrovac technicians, who will use the piering or slabjacking technique. The slabjacking technique includes floating the foundation back to its original location using a grout mixture. The piering technique involves burying supports that will lift and sustain the sagging foundation.

This kind of job is considerably simpler to complete using hydrovac excavation than conventional digging methods, and you will end up saving money in the process, because the risks of more damage are minimal. Besides, fencing will not be taken down, and the area around your foundation will remain unaltered.