Differences Between Hydro Excavating And Conventional Excavating Services

water pipe excavating vacuum services vs traditional

Hydro excavation has become more and more popular because, compared to conventional excavation, it provides a series of benefits.


Hydro excavation is faster than traditional digging methods. The soil is broken using high-pressured water (it works on any type of soil, even if it is frozen!), and the resulted debris is sucked up in a tank, so there is no need to collect it into dump trucks and transport it to dump sites.

Much cleaner

Considering that the dirt resulted from breaking the soil ends up in the tank of a vacuum truck, the excavation site is cleaner and safer for workers (no sludge, no falling debris, no cave in and no landslides!)


Traditional excavation methods may cause damage to underground utilities, but the technology behind vacuum excavation services Denver has is much more precise and safe to all types of buried utilities.

Less labor intensive

Traditional digging methods involve the use of hand tools and backhoes, which make them labor intensive. On the other hand, a hydrovac truck is automated and only requires one or two workers to make it work.

Less service interruption

Hydro excavation prevents downtime caused by repairing damaged infrastructure lines, saving time and money.