Daylighting Tips That Will Help Get the Job Done Better and Faster
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Daylighting is the term used for the process of gently digging into the soil in order to reveal underground utilities so that the daylight can reach them. The process is a very important step in ensuring the safety of any building project. If you think you can do with a few tips to make it faster and more efficient, here is some advice:

  • Announce your intention to dig – no digging should be performed on a building site that has not been previously secured by the utility providers. Even though the purpose of daylighting Denver area is to reveal hidden utilities, the digging involved should only be done in an area where all the utilities have been safely disconnected beforehand.
  • Use the right type of machine – hydro vac trucks come in a variety of sizes and types. They are also very different in terms of the size of their arms and the types of nozzles they can use. Figure out the exact size of the hole that you dig, and make sure to choose the equipment accordingly.
  • Always mark your findings on the surface of the soil – place a mark such as a flag on the soil wherever you reveal for utility. If you have a map of the land where you are performing the digging, mark your findings on the map too.