Daylighting Buried Pipes – Can It Be Done Safely?
Work Safe Fast Daylighting Buried Cables

Buried underground pipes can be a big problem if the process of excavating on your property isn’t done safely. The worst thing you can do is to begin excavating using conventional methods without even trying to check if there are underground pipes or other utility lines going through your property. Doing so is reckless, and can land you in a lot of trouble if a stray shovel hits a water main, a gas pipe or an electricity cable. Aside from the safety-related dangers, you might also have to cover your neighbors’ damages, if their utility services are impaired due to the damage.

Daylighting Denver companies offer is the perfect solution to avoid any such issues and to make sure your excavation project goes off without a hitch. Basically, daylighting involves a careful digging approach to form potholes that can be used to detect underground pipes and utility lines. Through this process, you can find out exactly where any of the unknown or undetected utility lines are, so you can avoid them during excavation.

The safest approach to daylighting is through the use of hydro excavation. This method ensures that any pipes you might detect will be entirely protected, as the digging approach uses high pressure water to remove dirt and soil from around the utility lines while forming the potholes. As a result, you’ll get a set of helpful potholes to find all buried pipes without doing any damage or putting anyone at risk.