Cost Saving Benefits of Vacuum Excavation
Hydrovac Calgary Cost Saving Control Excavation

Vacuum excavation is an entire technology incorporated into a vacuum truck, which involves using high pressure water and power vacuum to excavate soil.

Compared to traditional excavation, it is perfectly safe for underground utilities and will provide better and quicker results, even in narrow areas, where traditional excavation methods could not possibly be used.

Vacuum excavation has many benefits that makes it cost effective.

First, it reduces the amount of time and labor necessary to accomplish an excavating project. There is no need for an entire team of workers, as two trained technicians are enough to operate a hydrovac truck, and there is no need to waste time transporting debris into dumpsites either.

A vacuum excavation is also less labor intensive compared to traditional excavating tools, as well as much more precise, which eliminates a lot of errors and reduces service interruptions. It is also less risky because it does not create hazardous conditions for the people on the excavation site.

The increased safety that hydrovac Calgary excavation provides reduces insurance rates, and this savings are passed down to customers.

Considering all these aspects, it is quite obvious that vacuum excavation is a much better practice than traditional excavation, and a cost analysis will reveal that that it is also a few times cheaper.