Contractors Prefer Hydrovac For Their Projects

Hydrovac Trench Digging

Hydro excavation has taken off in recent years and contractors definitely prefer to use this technology for their projects. If you wonder what exactly makes hydrovac so popular, here are the main reasons:

  1. Efficiency

Hydro excavation is currently the most efficient form of digging. These trucks are equipped with everything needed to accomplish a project quickly, in every season. There will be no downtime in the winter, when the ground is frozen, because the water used in the process is heated and breaks even the most difficult soils.

  1. Safety

This technology is 100% safe and prevents workers from being injured while doing their job. It also prevents dangerous accidents that may result from damaging underground utilities, which leads to the next advantage:

  1. Accuracy

Hydro excavation is a very accurate digging method – much more accurate than traditional digging. There are different utilities buried underground and damaging them can cause various problems that may take a while to be remedied and even put people`s life in danger (e.g. hitting a gas pipe).

  1. Cost-effectiveness

Considering all the previous advantages, hydrovac technology is reliable and cost-effective in the long run, which is why contractor prefer it even if traditional options are cheaper.  For Hydrodig excavation services, visit