Completing Excavation Projects in Record Time
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Traditional mechanical and hand excavation have been used for a long time. Traditionalists may say that these old practices did their job very well, and man accomplished many things using them. That is true, but it does not mean that we must stop evolving and not wanting anything better or more efficient, which can make our work safer and easier.

Nowadays, if you want to complete excavation projects in record time, you can opt for hydrovac excavation instead of shovels and backhoes. A hydrovac truck is an industrial machine equipped with technology that uses high-pressure water jets for digging and a debris tank for storing the slur. Water can be heated and used for breaking even frozen soil, so there will be no downtime caused by cold weather.

Digging using a hydrovac truck with Hydrodig in Denver is much more precise, as it can reveal the exact location of underground utilities. Besides, high-pressure water and suction are safe operation for those buried lines and pipes, which will remain intact and there will be no downtime related to repairing the consequences of damaging them.

The site restoration, once the project has been completed, is also performed in no time. The debris stored into the truck`s tank can be easily put back to backfill the hole, or  you can simply haul it away.