Common Uses of Hydro Excavation
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Are you looking to use hydro excavation for one of your upcoming projects, but you’re unsure as to whether or not it’s an appropriate excavation method to employ? The following list of tasks and activities are those that most frequently involve the use of hydro excavation is part of the daylighting services Denver contractors offer. If you need help with any one of them, simply calling in a hydrovac truck will solve most of your problems:

  • Daylighting is definitely one of the most common uses of hydro excavation, if not the most common one. Daylighting, also called potholing, is the process of excavating potholes designed to allow for the detection of underground utilities, such as pipes and electric cables, that have not been documented or that have an unknown location.
  • Another use of hydro excavation that’s worth mentioning is the excavation of difficult terrain and hardened soil. If the soil around your property is made from hard materials and stones, regular excavation methods might not work, but high pressure hydrovac excavation methods are likely to do the trick. This also includes excavating in the winter, when the soil has been hardened by the freeze.
  • Other uses also include digging foundations, soil trenching, piling hole excavation and debris removal. Hydrovac services typically have a better track record than any of the more traditional excavation methods when it comes to most if not all of these tasks.