Common Infrastructure Found Through Hydro-Excavation That Could Have Been Damaged with Other Digging Equipment

crosssection building water excavation dig new building

You’ve probably heard the stories. A business might start digging to set up a new building on their large, empty property, when they suddenly hit a water line or a sewage pipe. Aside from the costs and damage involved, their plans also end up being pushed back quite a lot, and they might need to postpone some of their carefully planned ventures.


The sad truth is that it’s easy to bypass the safety measures and protocols that are in place for some of these initiatives, but the consequences and the risks can be quite dire. Of course, it’s the best course of action to call 811 before starting to dig, but even then it’s possible that some old infrastructure might be overlooked.


The use of Hydrovac and similar hydro-escavation methods can help a lot. Hydro-excavation is by nature one of the gentlest methods for digging on your property. Even if you discover an old power line, water main or even gas pipe, the dangers are far less severe, and the experts who do the digging for you can adjust the pressure so that the damage is minimal.


Hydro-excavation found at can often help to find old infrastructure in a harmless and careful manner, preventing damage and keeping you safe from the huge costs you’d otherwise have to cover.