Common Differences Between Hydro Excavating And Conventional Excavating Services

advantages of water excavation versus traditional

Hydro excavation is preferred by most people who deal with excavation services because it is a much safer and efficient method than traditional excavation methods.

Hydro excavation is performed with a hydrovac truck, which is an industrial vehicle equipped to break any type of soil (including frozen soil!) sing high-pressure water and suck up the sludge in a debris tank, preventing the mess commonly found on a traditional digging site.

The high-pressure water technology is safe with water excavation Denver construction projects because it does not cause damage to underground utilities.

When you plan a home improvement project that involves digging (even if only for planting a tree or installing a mailbox!), you will have to call a utility locator first, to make the buried utilities on your properties, so you can dig safely without hitting them. There are different types of underground utilities and damaging some of them may affect an entire neighborhood and even cause an environmental disaster.

With hydro excavation, you will no longer need to worry about causing damage, the entire process being perfectly safe for buried utilities, hydrovac truck operators and the environment. Besides, this technology is also useful for cleaning sewers, pipes etc, due to its ability to collect debris.