Cold Weather Digging with Hydro Excavation

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It is difficult to name disadvantages related to hydro excavation, other than the costs perhaps, which are higher than the costs associated with traditional digging. However, the provided daylighting Denver area benefits are unmatchable.

Just think, for example, about all the mess you typically encounter on a regular excavation site… Or the problems and consequences arising from damaging underground utilities… Or the downtime during the cold season, when the ground is frozen, and excavation projects are on hold…

All these problems and concerns will disappear with hydro excavation. And yes, it is possible to use it for digging even in frozen ground! Traditionally, people used to thaw the soil, using coal and wood. But besides being expensive and potentially dangerous to the environment (fire hazards), this method only works in a reasonably low temperature range). With hydro excavation, things are different. No more extra work is needed to soften the soil, because a hydrovac truck is equipped with water heating systems; hot water will dig easily through frozen earth and ground frost, and you will reduce not just the time and effort required for your project, but also labor and material costs. This digging method is not only convenient, but also 100% eco-friendly.