Can You Use Vacuum Excavation in Winter?
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Digging through hardened and frozen soils during the winter can be a very difficult task. Most traditional excavation services will not even attempt it, and they will recommend that you rent a hydrovac truck service instead. But what about vacuum excavation? Could it do the same job as a hydrovac, but without the use of high pressure hot water?

The advantage of hydrovac services is that they can deliver high temperature water to melt the ice and dig through the soil. While vacuum excavation services don’t have that, they are still designed to blast through hardened soil, even if the cold and the increased difficulty of the excavation work will put some strain on the equipment. Fortunately, some manufacturers are able to provide vacuum excavation trucks that are designed to operate at less than -40 degrees and offer a number of extreme cold weather option. So the technology of using vacuum excavation in the cold not only exists, but has been significantly perfected throughout past years.

Of course, vacuum excavation equipment still requires thorough maintenance if you want to keep it running smoothly. However, as most vacuum excavation services Denver experts will point out, even though vacuum excavation is not as efficient in cold weather as hydrovac, it’s still far more efficient when compared to conventional digging methods through the use of regular excavators.