Can You Relocate Tall Trees to Another Place on Your Property?
vacuum excavation Denver services save a tree replant

Transplanting trees is an art in and of itself, and it’s sometimes very difficult to get done properly. Plenty of things can go wrong, and using conventional excavation methods to uproot a tree that has a trunk thicker than 2-3 inches can backfire very quickly.

Nevertheless, transplanting trees has been known to work for even larger trees that are up to 50 feet in height. So if you want to get it done and relocate a tree somewhere else on your property, you can definitely do it, given the right equipment and the presence of a dependable and experienced vacuum excavation services Denver expert.

Hydro excavation can be used for just such a purpose, since the accuracy of the water pressure control and the precision of a good hydrovac truck can be adjusted very effectively. What that does is to ensure that the soil around a large tree root can be blown away efficiently without damaging the root itself. Once the process is completed, it’s simply a matter of transporting the tree to its new location and covering the roots with soil.

Of course, even with the best hydrovac services it’s still possible that a damaged or unhealthy tree will not survive the transplant. However, if your tree is mostly healthy and not too large, then stress it will experience due to relocation will be minimal, so you’ll have nothing to worry about.