Can Vacuum Excavation Be Used on Muddy Soil?
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Vacuum excavation services can make the whole excavation operation to be minimally invasive. In other words, this type of technology can help protect important elements such as utility lines.

In short, vacuum excavation involves digging up the ground and removing it by using a vacuum. But the equipment required for this type of activity certainly is very complex. Nevertheless, the whole purpose of vacuum excavation services Denver companies offer is to make the work environment a safer place to be and to highly facilitate several types of jobs.

Vacuum excavation can be used on muddy soils. In fact, there are two types of vacuum excavation, i.e. air excavation and hydro excavation. In the case of hydro excavation, it is the water jet which does the actual digging, instead of metal tools, like in the case of conventional excavation.

By using this technology, the risks of injury at the workplace are greatly diminished. As a matter of fact, as it has been previously suggested, vacuum excavation stands for the safest way to dig around gas, electric, or fiber optic utility lines.

Hydro excavation implies the removal of muddy soil and sucking it up into a tank. After the digging is done, the trenches or the holes are re-filled with soil.