Can Hydrovac Help with Debris Removal?

Hydrovac excavation uses the power of pressurized water and strong vacuum delivered by special trucks to move even the hardest soil or debris and to remove it in an efficient and hassle-free manner.

While the technique is most frequently used by Colorado daylighting industry technicians (the process of bringing utility cables and pipes to the daylight without the risk of damaging them), for hole digging and for trenching, the technology can be efficiently utilized for debris removal as well. The strong jet of water and the vacuum delivered by hydrovac trucks can efficiently remove any kind of soil and debris, including wet and dry materials, such as sludge, soil or spills and they can easily reach into areas that would be otherwise impossible or very dangerous to access, such as underground tanks, deep and narrow trenches or pits. Hydrovac machines use long arms to access the area to be cleaned, so they can act from a distance, thus reducing the risk of accidents by reducing site traffic.

Hydrovac units are also used for cleaning areas that have been affected by natural disasters. They cannot move large wall sections or very large rocks in one piece, but they can be relied to move any debris that has been broken down to a size that is manageable by the machine’s hose.