Benefits of Hydrovac – How Hydro Excavation Is Superior to Older Practices
Benefits water excavation benefits benefits benefits

Traditional excavation has been used for a very long time, everywhere where digging was requires or soil needed to be shifted. It consists in manual digging, or using an excavator or backhoe, for bigger projects. Unfortunately, none of these technologies are neither precise, nor safe, and, as a result, damaging underground utilities accidentally, during an excavation project, was not uncommon.

That’s why the digging technology had to evolve. Nowadays, we have hydro and vacuum excavation options, which have emerged in more recent years as safer and more economical alternatives to traditional excavation.

There are several good reasons why water excavation Denver area is better for your site than older digging practices:

    It is much safer and more efficient

Safer, because the risk of damaging underground utilities is eliminated. A hydrovac truck uses pressurized water to dig into the soil, and a vacuum that sucks up the slur into a tank. None of these operations has the potential to damage underground structures. This technology is also more efficient because it is much more precise, faster and works even on difficult and frozen soils.

    It is more cost efficient

Hydro excavation is more cost efficient than traditional excavation precisely because it virtually eliminates the risk of damage and accidents that would be very costly to repair and restore.