Are Vacuum Excavation Services Safe to Use?
Safe Vacuum Excavation Construction Services

Denver vacuum excavation services are highly appreciated and popular due to the many benefits they offer over other excavation methods, such as manual digging or the usage of conventional excavators. One of these benefits is the safety of the method – here are some important things to know about that aspect:

  • A non-invasive digging method – vacuum excavation does not use an excavating head or a drill to move the soil. The special trucks deliver pulverized water onto the soil to break down and dilute the dust and the soil and they use another special vacuum hose to extract the resulting slurry.
  • Suitable for areas where there are hidden utilities – the hydro vac process involves no physical impact between a component of the hydro vac truck and the soil, therefore it is completely safe for excavation in areas where there might be hidden utility pipes buried underground.
  • Safe for the environment – hydro excavation is also the preferred solution for those who want to protect the roots of large trees or of other vegetation in the area of digging. The method is so gentle on plants that it is the preferred way to move a certain layer of soil for landscaping projects.