Are Hydrovac Services the Future of Excavation?
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Hydrovac services Colorado offers are currently the most efficient options for safe digging – a technology that already enjoys great popularity and that is here to stay. Here is why hydrovac is a thing of the present and of the future, too:

  • Superior efficiency – hydrovac machines need only hours to perform the work that would take a team of manual diggers days. The technique works even on soil that is too hard for other methods and special trucks can nowadays generate heat to dig efficiently on frozen soil as well;
  • Superior safety – digging with conventional methods entails risks, especially in areas where there might be uncharted underground utilities. Hydrovac eliminates all these risks – the process is non-invasive, therefore the method is completely safe to use even around suspected underground pipes or lines. Hydro excavation is also safe for the environment – the resulting slurry is extracted from the hole and safely recycled and the method is safe around tree roots that need to be kept safe from damage as well;
  • Easy digging in difficult to access areas – hydrovac trucks can be equipped with special arms that allow the truck to be stationed at a distance from the place where the hole is needed, therefore the technique is efficient for digging in confined or hard to access spaces as well.