Are Hydrovac Services Still Very Rare?
Hydrodig Canadian fleet

Hydrovac services Calgary are enjoying huge popularity these days. Whether used for digging large holes for foundations, or smaller ones for daylighting or potholing purposes, hydro excavators are everywhere these days. The popularity of the technology has taken off only in recent years. Prior to that, hydrovac machines were not very easy to come by. The growing demand for these safe and efficient digging services has generated supply, so today there are many companies that provide hydro excavation services. Here is why hydrovac is no longer rare, and is so sought after:

  • Gentle efficiency – hydrovac machines move the soil in a non-invasive way. It dilutes the dust with water and moves it, and also works gently around tree roots and utility lines. This method is known to considerably reduce the risk of building site accidents, and it also makes the digging process much more efficient.
  • Safe for the environment – hydrovac trucks commonly use recycled water pressurized onto the soil. The slurry extracted from the digging site is also taken to a recycling center to get the water extracted, while the dry matter is cleaned and reused as much as possible.