Are Hydrovac Services Better Than Vacuum Excavation?
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The two most modern, most efficient and safest excavation methods used today are dry suction excavation and hydrovac. While both procedures use the power of vacuum, there are several differences that makes each of them suitable for a particular range of digging jobs. Here are some important features to know about before deciding which one works better for your purposes:

  • The features of dry excavation – dry excavation, also called air excavation or air knife excavation, digs out holes with the help of compressed air, then the soil that has been broken in the excavation area is extracted to special containers. The method is suitable for digging safely into sand, gravel, wood chips and ore;
  • The features of hydrovac – this procedure uses pulverized water to dig out the desired hole and vacuum to extract to slurry and to deposit it in a container;
  • Differences – while both techniques are safe and efficient, they also present some differences that you should know about. The dry vac method works on most types of soils, but a hydrovac truck Denver offers takes efficiency one step further, being suitable for absolutely any terrain, including frozen soil. With dry vac, the soil moved can be reused to fill holes on the construction site or for other purposes; hydrovac does not allow for the slurry resulting from the process to be reused, the waste must be transported to a landfill or to a recycling center.