Accurate Digging for Your New Building’s Foundation
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If you are planning to engage in an extensive construction project, one of the first things that you need to arrange for is to contract a suitable daylighting Denver service. There are many excavation methods available today, from traditional, manual excavation that uses lots of workforce and is quite slow to the digging that uses huge excavators that dig into the soil and throw the debris removed behind. One of the most advanced excavation techniques used today is hydro excavation, a process of moving soil with the power of pulverized water and of removing the resulting debris through a vacuum hose that transports the dust, dirt and mud to a special tank located away from the work site.

The process is very popular due to many reasons, one of them being precision. The way that hydrovac machines achieve high accuracy is through their ability to control the direction of the pulverized water with the help of nozzles. The hose through which the water is delivered can be fitted with nozzles of various diameters, selected especially to meet the requirements of the particular job. As a result, the walls of the hole excavated will be smooth and straight and the dimensions of the hole will be exactly as specified in your architectural design.