A Look at How Hydro Excavation Really Works
hydrovac services sought after burying pipes construction truck

Hydrovac truck Denver services are very much sought after these days – whether a large hole is needed for a building foundation or a narrow trench to reveal some underground cable or line, hydro excavation is the most efficient and safest method. Here is how it all works:

  • The special truck and the process – the excavation is performed by a special truck equipped with a vacuum generator, a hose to deliver pulverized water and another one to deliver vacuum. The truck is parked close to the excavation area, then it is turned on to deliver pulverized water onto the soil in the excavation area. The water breaks down the soil, transforming it into a soft slurry that is extracted simultaneously by the hose through which the vacuum is applied;
  • The result – when the process is complete, the hole of the desired size has been created and the slurry generated during the process has been removed and deposited in a special tank;
  • The benefits – the benefits of the hydrovac process include effectiveness, safety for the building site as well as for the environment and convenience. Hydrovac is suitable for digging in difficult-to-access areas as well as for creating trenches of special widths and depths.